If you do not yet have an electric vehicle or have only recently taken ownership of one, you may not yet be fully familiar with the different connector options for charging an electric vehicle.

They type of connector that you will use depends on the model of your car and the type and location of charging.

There are two connections for fast DC charging:

  • CHAdeMO, common on Japanese vehicles, offers a maximum charge of up to 100 kW.
  • CCS Combo, which is that most commonly used on electric vehicles, and is capable of supporting power outputs of up to 350 kW.

There are also specific connectors for semi-fast charging or slow charging in alternating current:

  • Type 1 , which has a maximum power rating of 7.4 kW
  • Mennekes or Type 2, which are three-phase sockets, and allow more power to be delivered to the vehicle. These support power ratings of up to 22 kW if you are charging at home and up to 43 kW if you are charging at a mains network charging point.