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What is interoperability in Electromobility?

You have probably come to this post to deepen your knowledge about the world of Electromobility. Either because you like it or because you are starting out in this world. Regardless of the reason: Welcome! Today we will answer what has recently become a very common question: what is interoperability, how does it work?

Interoperability is a growing concept in the Electromobility sector. And this is normal. It is one of the keys to the full acceptance and adoption of “zero-emission mobility”.

We could define it to mean: “the ability to make charging station networks installed and maintained by different charging point operators (CPOs) compatible with each other and accessible to each other”.

In other words: interoperability is the roaming functionality of Electromobility.

Fewer applications, more charging points

Zunder’s commitment to its users is to offer them a premium experience during the charging process. This is why Zunder is making a strong commitment to interoperability.

Electric vehicle drivers demand simplicity in charging processes and not needing a different application for each charging operator. And this is precisely what interoperability enables. It therefore becomes a key factor in making Electromobility accessible to all users from a single application.

Taking all of the above into account, a Zunder user can charge (using exclusively the Zunder APP) at 111,012 charging points of other charging operators throughout Europe. This number continues to grow week by week, and will be updated here.

Zunder already works together with leading interoperability platforms: Gireve and Hubject. It has also concluded direct agreements with charging operators such as EDP, Galp, Naturgy, Digital Charging Solutions, Plugsurfing and Has-to-be.

How does interoperability work?

We will try to explain it as simply as possible, so that when you finish reading this post, you will not have any doubts.

  • If you are a Zunder user and are driving your electric vehicle on the European continent, you can charge using the Zunder APP at charging points of charging operators with which Zunder is interoperable.
  • On the other hand, users of the different European charging operators with which Zunder offers interoperability, will be able to charge via their own applications at Zunder Charging Stations.


Interoperability in the Zunder APP

Accessing the available charging points through interoperability in the Zunder APP is very easy. When you are on the main screen of the application (map) you must click on the filters button. Once you have accessed the filters, select the “Others” option. You can now see on the map all the charging points where you can charge!

what is interoperability?

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